Why Trained Employees leave the organization?



Recently I was in discussion with one of my consultancy client where he was sharing his views on problem about trained manpower leaving the organization and starting their own ventures.
The discussion leads me towards learning cycle of entrepreneurs in initial year of their career where they were working as employee with one or other organizations, the organizations whom they have/had left because of any reason which helped them in creating new organization and established them as entrepreneur.
For example:
What if Dhirubahi Ambani never left his first job? we never had Reliance industries…
What if?

  • They have never left the organization?
  • They were loyal in terms of working with one organization only?
  • They never dreamed about their own enterprise/Business?

The Answer is:

  • We might not have new entrepreneurs
  • We don’t have new businesses
  • We didn’t have new business modules and so on…

The cycle of business us such that as Entrepreneur we hire someone train them to a level where they can perform some of the tasks by their own, without any once support. The process build confidence of employee in longer run when he is achieving good results by implementing acquired Knowledge and starts thinking about achieving something more that current which creates eagerness of starting own venture to many employees.
Entrepreneurs who are providing/helping employees start their venture (Own or in partnership with owner) will earn respect and long-term loyalty of team and many others who don’t offer this option suffers from Attrition of key employees.


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