AvoidThese 5 Body Language Related  Mistakes in an Interview

These 5 Body Language Related 

in an Interview

Based on wonderful
article shared by Timesjobs:

1.  Looking lazy or aggressive

Do not lean back – you will look lazy. Do not lean forward- you will
look aggressive. Just sit naturally – straight -you will look alert and
comfortable. Also do not cross your arms. This shows defensiveness — like you
are holding yourself back.

2.  Avoiding eye contact

Look calmly at the interviewer during the conversation. Do not stare or
look away while speaking. Understand that you can say a lot through eyes too.

3.  Constant nodding

Do not be in the habit of nodding and agreeing to everything the
interviewer says. This shows you are more of a ‘yes’ person.

4.  Weak handshakes

There is nothing worse than a weak handshake to start off or end an
interview. A firm handshake is a sign of authority and confidence.

5.  Looking at the clock

Some interviews can drag on for a long time. Still, if you want to have
the job, avoid peeking at the wrist watch or the wall clock while you are in
the middle of a conversation with the interviewer.

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